Quick Bit

At BARC, we value the role in taking our clients’ projects from the potentially abstract concepts & visions and leading them through the complex process of design, specification development, and eventual execution. With an eye on innovative projects, new design trends, and budgets — we thrive in bringing the many pieces together to fulfill our clients’ goals.

Perfect Planning. Flawless Execution.

What we are built on

Building on Budget

No one likes surprises. We do our very best to provide you a final bid estimate that is fully inclusive of the complete project scope. You can trust in us to get your project finished at a price we agreed on. We work to evaluate and collect the all relevant information needed to create a realistically accurate budget for your plan. We don’t believe in change orders and have developed a great reputation for delivering on the price we quote.

Building on Time

We understand there is no place like home, therefore we want to make sure your project is finished on time and we minimize impacts to our clients. Our entire teams spends hours of planning before the start of all projects to avoid any delays or missed deadlines. Your comfort is our priority, therefore we work strategically and efficiently to get all projects completed in a timely manner.

Building with Integrity

Our number one goal is to build with integrity. We are a referral based company and rely on your recommendations to keep our business going and our next projects coming. We endeavor for transparency with our clients and their projects. It is easy to take shortcuts but with every one of our projects, our clients will find quality and attention to detail. We are not perfect but we are endlessly strive to reach that goal.

Customer Service & Communication

Every home project can be stressful. However the key to keeping that stress to a minimum is honest, straight forward and regular communication at every phase. As a homeowner you need to know what’s going on and what happens next.

The digitization of the construction process is the cutting edge of technology integrating with construction management. Convenient and cost effective, it delivers information to all involved parties, allowing multiple viewers at once. This is where our online, homeowner project portal stream lines this process. You’ll get access for (weekly or daily) updates of work done, photos, what’s scheduled to happen next, ask a question and get information on details of your project.

In our efforts to quickly distribute updated project info, we also utilize an online plan room that houses all of our plans, making them available to approved Subcontractors and Architects, 24 hours a day. A traditional plan room is available at our office for those who still prefer the feel of blueprints, scale, and sketch paper